Bully Intervention Experts
               Dr. Susan Lipkins and Dr. Karen Siris


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    Services Available to Schools to train personnel and develop
bullying prevention and intervention plans to

meet the requirements of the

                New York State DIGNITY FOR ALL STUDENTS ACT
                         and other State Anti- Bullying Laws

Dr. Susan Lipkins, psychologist and author, has been interviewed  about bullying, hazing and violence in schools on Oprah, The Today Show, news shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN. NPR, and  other tv, radio and print venues including the New York and Los Angeles Times. For  further information vist http://realpsychology.com/       

Dr. Karen Siris, principal and professor has  been  featured on NBC and CBS News and  ivillage.com  for the work  she has  done creating  a  Caring Majority of "upstanding" students in her Long Island  School. Her research on Alleviating Bullying received the Outstanding Dissertation of the Year Award from Hofstra University.  

Training will 

·         Help form Bully Intervention Teams in your school


·        Empower all staff members to feel competent and capable to stop bullying in their schools.


·        Provide strategies to support  victims and bystanders and increase the pro-social behaviors of bullies


·        Provide  a multi-tiered incident  reporting system


·        Teach interview strategies to be used after an incident and suggest appropriate disciplinary measures

·        Develop a plan that creates a positive climate and a

           “Caring Majority” in the school community.

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